young children and outdoor learning short word count 500 only


a) Select and review TWO recently published (i.e., in the last 5 years) journal articles that provides evidence to advocate for young children’s outdoor learning.

—-> I have attached 4 journal articles which MAY or MAY NOT be useful. Do choose the best 2, otherwise do help me to outsource your own.
—-> Also, compare and contrast with these 2 articles — how do they support each other?

b) Discuss what you have learned from these two articles and think about THREE things that you would do to support either 3-year-olds’ OR 5-year-olds’ (select one age group) enjoyment of and learning in the outdoors.

—-> How will they support enjoyment and learning in the outdoors?
—-> What are your reasons for each of these activities? How will these activities support holistic children’s development?
—–> I will attach some articles for ideas! 🙂

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