write a personal response essay at least 350 words of alley julseth s essay quot analyzing the new literacy quot

Use APA formatting – Title page, Running Header, Page Numbers, References Page (no Abstract)

Double space, 12 pt. Times New Roman font

Go to Writing Resources on the Homepage and scroll down to APA formatting and citation.

Write a personal response essay (at least 350 words) of Alley Julseth’s essay “Analyzing The New Literacy” by addressing these questions:

How has Julseth demonstrated both literal and critical reading responses?

How does Julseth develop her analysis? What kind of material does she draw from the essay?

Begin your paper with the opening sentence:

In the essay “Analyzing The New Literacy” by Alley Julseth…

Remember, after you introduce a person’s full name you will then refer to that person by their last name in your paper.

You must correctly cite the source (textbook) in APA on the References page.

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