write a memo to the faculty members at anderson college 1

discussion topic for week 4 — writing a memo to the faculty members at Anderson College

Must post first.


For Writing Assignment #1, you rewrote a set of instructions.

In addition, for Writing Assignment #2, you sent an email message to Dr. Johnson explaining the changes you made to the instructions.

In this discussion topic, please complete the following:

Write a memo to the faculty members at Anderson College informing them of the revised instructions and where they can access them.

Please follow the advice provided in the resources for this week about writing a memo. In addition, you can be creative in directing the faculty members to where they can access the new set of instructions. You can make up the name of a folder on Google drive or some other folder on the cloud.

This is an internal memo. However, some faculty members might not remember the details about the instructions that the previous student worker wrote. For this reason, you will want to introduce the memo with some level of detail of the history of the instructions, let them know that the instructions have been revised, and let them know where they can access them. Of course, you will want to provide them with your contact information in case they have additional questions.

This is a discussion topic, not a writing assignment. You will want to reply to this discussion topic and write your memo in the discussion text box.

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