write 5 pages about the composer william byrd

Music Period, Genres, and Characteristics of his Style:(1-2 pages)

In which period did he live including dates from the period?(Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, or Classical)

What was the historical context of this period (write one paragraph on this)

What were the musical characteristics of this period. (write one paragraph on these characteristics) (Middle Ages pages 65-73, Renaissance pages 78,79 and 84, Baroque pages 102-107, and Classicalpages 156-163).

What types of genres did he compose (provide a list) For example, Beethoven composed 9 Symphonies,

1 Opera, 1 Mass, 32 Piano Sonatas, 5 Piano Concertos and 1 violin concerto.

Your Own Analysis (1-2 pages, please do not use 1st person)

Choose one or two pieces by your composer which you like.

Define the Genre of the piece you chose.

Describe the pieces including instrumentation, number of movements, form of each movement discussing one movement at a time.

Give some of your own thoughts but do not use the 1st person.(For example, you could say:“The piece

has lively rhythms.”Rather than saying:“I like the lively rhythms of this piece.”).

Concluding Paragraph

Please write a concluding paragraph.

Please use 4-5 Sources and cite them in your paper. Also, include a bibliography. A paper without citations and a bibliography will not be accepted or graded.

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