write 5 6pages with apa format with following requirements

1) United States national debt introduction

-In the introduction, I will cover what United States national debt is, its relationship with government income, GDP as well as spending.

2) United States debt history

This history of US national debt will explore its development from the start of World War 1 and 2, civil wars among other effects things which are historical.

3) National debt surge during GW Bush as well as Obama government

Considering both sides on this case, which was the best and in what ways, which actions were taken in order to make it better.

4) Large national debt consequences

In this case, I will cover both positive and negative consequences

5) Impacts concerning the growth of the economy

All the impacts concerned

6) Examine the United States pros as well as cons;

This will give a clear reflection of whether the United States will default its debt in the future.

7) Why Paul Krugman the Nobel winning is not as alarmed

8) Conclusion

9) References

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