women amp gender studies feminist theory and practice film review amp analysis

Over the course of the semester, we have been discussing different aspects of feminism. Now, I want you to apply what you’ve learned to one of your favorite films by writing a film review. The film review is a particular type of writing which involves summarizing important plot points as well as developing an argument and performing close reading. In this essay you must discuss issues of gender and/or sexuality within the film. I encourage you to incorporate information from our text, and you must include two peer-reviewed articles from the library’s data base. Some helpful hints: Introduction Within the first paragraph, provide the details of the film production: its title, the year of production, the director, and any other interesting details about the production. Briefly summarize the plot of the film—no more than two sentences. (This is hard! You will need to reread and revise in order to capture the film in a small amount of space.) Your thesis statement should indicate some message that contains sex, gender, or sexuality in some way. Thesis and Focus To form your thesis, think about the messages that the film conveys. If you’re struggling, go to the WGS Capstone Terminology list and look for the major concepts that the film contains. For example, a thesis statement could focus on the misogyny and biphobia of a heteronormative narrative between minor characters in a film. Attempt to make an argument about gender or sexuality. Simply put this might come in the form of a sentence that says “This film seems to be about x, but it is really about y.” Or, “The film portrays women/sexuality in x way.” Body Most often, a film will contain a key scene or a specific character that most illustrates the message you’ve identified. Analyze this scene closely, picking out cinematic aspects as well as literary, dramatic, and technical components. Include these features: ï‚· Provide the names of the most important characters followed by the actors’ names in parentheses. ï‚· Provide brief context of the scene in relation to the whole film. ï‚· Include specific dialogue of characters. ï‚· Use feminist terminology in your analysis, preferably as part of your thesis and focus throughout the paper. ï‚· Pick up on cinematic details—e.g., camera angle, lighting, zoom, background music, scenery, repetitive colors. ï‚· Analyze literary and dramatic components—e.g., genre of the film, symbolism, dramatic irony, point of view, conflict, costuming, sets, locations. ï‚· Throughout the paper, support or challenge your analysis with at least two sources of feminist theory. Conclusion Conclude by suggesting how the scene or character reflects and defines the movie as a whole, making a point about sex, gender, or sexuality that doesn’t just repeat the thesis. Greg Smith urged us to remember: “Nothing in a final film is there without having been examined by scores of professionals who have carefully chosen the components. You can trust that if something is in a film, it’s there for a reason.” So, if you think something in the film is symbolic and you can support your opinion, it probably is. (I suggest you stay away from reading reviews about your film, but instead consult reviews on other films to help you understand the genre of the review.) Requirements: 4 – 5 page minimum MLA Format (double spaced, Times New Roman, MLA Heading) Our text + 2 other peer-reviewed sources (use the EKU Library Database) MLA In-text Citations Works Cited Page (not included in the 4-5 page word count) Some ideas. You are not limited to these films:

Imitation of Life (1959) Juno (2007) Knocked Up (2007) Maltese Falcon (1941) Mannequin (1987) Miss Congeniality (2000) Miss Representation (2012) (documentary) Murder My Sweet (1945) My Beautiful Launderette (1985) My Fair Lady (1964) Orlando (1992) Pitch Perfect (2012) Rebecca (1940) (Hitchcock) Saved! (2004) Silence of the Lambs (1991) Some Like it Hot (1959) The Color Purple (1985) The Joy Luck Club (1993) The Single Man (2009) Thelma and Louise (1991) Tootsie (1982) Vertigo (1958) (Hitchcock) XXY (2007) Yentl (1983) See also this list from IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/list/nHCF08M1ie0/

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