what role do torts play in higher education in terms of law liability and accountability

Prompt: Postsecondary education institutions are subject to common law liability as an accountability measure for their actions. Using the resources for this module, as well as additional resources, prepare a short paper responding to the critical elements.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

  1. Classic Torts: Describe the classic torts that commonly appear in legal disputes in higher education. Explain why they are frequent in higher education.
  2. Frequent Visibility: Analyze the impact that the frequency of these torts bestows on institutional policies. Explain how they help to form new policies orchange existing policies.
  3. Institutions’ Liability: Describe how institutions are liable for tortious acts implemented by administrators, faculty, and students. Explain why institutionsare responsible for the wrongdoings of administrators, faculty, and students and the degree of liability imposed on the institution.

Rubric is attached.

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