Help me study for my Management class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

1- I want you to check my research and to correct it based on some comments.

1) You missed out the numbering. Include the proper section numbering preceding the section title.

2) There are grammatical errors that need fixing e.g. you use a capital letter to begin a sentence. Another one, you wrote: “… the companies around the world .As … ” It should be “… the companies around the world. As … “

3) Use Evie.ai to refer to the company in the case.

4) You wrote: “Evie is one of the companies that are associated with the business of AI. In the business context of Evie.ai, it is stated that, company has identified a few problems associated with the business process of the company. ” in section 1 but these sentences are irrelevant here.

5) Check the completeness of all your references. For example, this below is incomplete!

Khan, R. A., & Quadri, S. M. K. (2014). Business Intelligence: An Integrated Approach. International Journal of Management & Innovation, 6(2).

Kolbjørnsrud, V., Amico, R., & Thomas, R. J. (2016). How artificial intelligence will redefine management. Harvard Business Review, 2.

6) Another company that offers cloud computing and AI software services is Amazon and the company are the second largest around the world. What is Amazon’s AI for?

2- To add 5 refrencess from the journals that I’ll send .

3- To minimize the number of words , and reduce it to 2500 words or less.

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