Weeks 4-8: Policy Brief Paper Analysis Regarding Women or another Gender-related issue

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Question: Identify a problem facing women, or another gender-related issue, that you would like to analyze and address this term. Describe the problem, providing data and evidence to support your claims regarding the “unsatisfactory set of conditions” you have observed, either in your local community, elsewhere in the state, or nationally (Kraft 125). Please do the readings prior to completing this assignment, as you are required to incorporate the assigned materials into your post.

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Required Text: Public Policy: Politics, Analysis, and Alternatives. Authors: Michael Kraft and Scott Furlong

Publication Info: 6th edition ©2015, Univ. of Wisconsin (must be 6th edition).

(Link to the Powerpoint and all required other materials will be shared with you upon acceptance of bid).

References to the text, powerpoints, and other official sources must be cited often in this paper.


The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate an ability to recognize and attempt to solve a public problem using the policy analysis process, as articulated by Kraft & Furlong.

There are five steps in the policy analysis process:

  1. Define and analyze the problem (Review: Week 4)
  2. Construct policy alternatives (Review: Week 5)
  3. Develop evaluative criteria (Review: Week 6)
  4. Assess the alternatives
  5. Draw conclusion

Your task in this policy brief is to

  1. identify and analyze a problem (in the area of Gender or Women’s policy),
  2. construct policy alternatives to solve that problem,
  3. develop criteria by which you will evaluate those alternatives,
  4. assess your alternatives (based on the chosen evaluative criteria), and finally,
  5. draw a conclusion as to which of the alternatives developed in Step 2 is most appropriate for addressing the problem.


  • In approximately five double-spaced pages, apply ALL FIVE steps of the policy analysis process to the problem you selected.
    • Please use the problem you chose in Week 4.
  • Resources must include direct references to the textbook as well as (at least) three additional academic sources.
    • Acceptable sources:
      • Major news sources (online or in-print), academic books, academic journal articles, government websites, and think tank articles/briefs/reports.
    • No websites of unknown or inexpert origin, and definitely no Wikipedia.

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