week 5 assignment 62

Please complete the follow problems neatly. Clearly label each problem, show all work, and use Microsoft Word’s equation editor to properly format all mathematics.

1.Given the following polynomial

a.Find the degree of the polynomial.

b.Give the maximum number of turning points.

c.How many zeros does this polynomial have?

d.Use the leading coefficient test to describe (or draw) the left-hand and right-end behavior.

e.List all the possible zeros using the Rational Zero theorem.

f.Use Descartes’s Rule of Signs to determine the possible numbers of positive and negative real zeros.

g.Use the above information and synthetic division to factor the polynomial.

h.List the zeros of the polynomial and their multiplicity.

i.Sketch a graph of the polynomial.

2.The power produced by a wind turbine is directly proportional to the cube of the wind speed . A wind speed of 37 miles per hour produces a power output of 750 kilowatts. Find the output for a wind speed of 40 miles per hour.

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