week 3a is caring work

Dear Thinkers of Labor and Leisure,

Thus far, our secondary sources (Korsak and David) have been written for relatively wide audiences rather than for specialists. For Tuesday you will read an excerpt from an academic book, _Security: Politics, Humanity, and the Philology of Care_, written by P John Hamilton, professor at Harvard. This excerpt compares _Genesis_ and a fable of the creation of humanity by the Roman writer Hyginus (64 BCE-17CE), in order to think about the meaning of security and its relationship to care. You may want to look up the word “care” in an academic dictionary before starting to read the article (www.oed.com (Links to an external site.) or https://www.merriam-webster.com/ (Links to an external site.) ). What is the range of meanings of this word? In general, how does being care-free different from being careful or careless? How do these concepts map onto the stories of creation that Hamilton analyzes?

This article engages the arguments of other philosophers, don’t be put off by all the foreign names. To help you navigate the article (in fact, any academic article!), it is a roadmap to understanding how scholars make arguments. Before starting the article, please read the handout posted on our Syllabus (“On Reading Secondary Sources”). We will be referring to this worksheet throughout the semester, but for Tuesday, focus on the first and last points: How does the title of the article “The Pasture and the Garden” relate to the rest of the chapter? Can you see how it relates to the title of the book? Glance at the footnotes. What sorts of texts does Hamilton quote? Can you glean 3-5 keywords that might point to the important issues to be treated in the article?

For class on Tuesday, please come with your printed copy of the chapter where you have marked two passages (may be a few sentences or a paragraph): one that confused you and another that inspired you. If you are posting a reflection on Canvas, then choose one of those passages to write about before coming to class. It’s OK for more than one person to choose the same passage, but make sure you are responding to it on your own.

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