Urgency Children Development Course Homework Help

Resource Article/Video Review:  Chapter 15 Beating MIT

 I have provided two articles, one with a video clip, that tell a story:



  1. Click on the links,  view the video and read the article, and
  2. write a short paper including the information required.  The review is worth a max of 10 points.

The summary MUST be typed, saved on your computer and UPLOADED to Blackboard.  When writing your paper, when the directions require, for example, “describe the two key ideas” — please label your responses (1)….(2)…  Or, write:  “First…..”, and include a description of the idea.  “Next….” and include a description of the idea.  Be aware that the assignment requires a description, not just a list.  Therefore, “The first important idea is… and the second important idea is…” would be a list, not a description.  You would need to add more information to describe/explain the idea and demonstrate your understanding.

The Written Summary & Reflection paper will include:

  1. The titles of the  and dates of posting
  2. Think about the information in the text in the section on “Teaching and Learning,” the video, and the article.  How does this story connect with the information in the text on how teens learn?
  3. What factors influenced the teens ability to engage in the project to build a robot?

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