unit 6 discussion questions 1

Discussion question 1:

Choose a popular leadership model and a biblical leader and then describe how the model is demonstrated in the biblical leader’s style and approach.

Discussion question 2:

From your reading, what constitutes a good leader? In what ways have you experienced a good leader?


*Baldwin, T., Rubin, R., & Bommer, B. (2013). Managing organizational behavior: What great managers know and do (2nd ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill- Irwin.ISBN: 9780073530406

*Parrott, R. (2009).The longview:Lasting strategies for rising leaders Colorado Springs, CO:

David C. Cook.ISBN: 9781434767493


Chapters 10 and 11 (Parrott text)

Chapter 9 (Baldwin et al. text)

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