type a reflection pape

  1. Make sure you have a PDF reader (free download) on your computer.
  2. Go to https://healthyheartscore.sph.harvard.edu/
  3. Click “Begin Survey”
  4. Complete your profile, check the box next to “Terms and Conditions”, and then the “Create Profile” button.
  5. Complete the requested information on each of the slides and sections.
  6. At the end of the survey click”Get Results”, scroll and click the next pages through “Your Diet Recommendations” and select “Print your results” and save as a PDF to your computer from the print destination option. Print a copy of the PDF to turn in with your reflection paper.
  7. Read the entire final report (PDF). Think about what these results mean for your health now, as well as in the future.
  8. Type a reflection paper using Microsoft Word (double-spaced, 12 point font, with 1-inch margins). Only assignments typed using Microsoft Word will be accepted. Your name and class (KINE- 1164) should be included in a header. Do NOT prepare a cover page. Be sure to use grammar and spell check (under “review” tab in Word). Points will be deducted for improper grammar and spelling mistakes. Answer the following reflection questions (A-D); each response should be a minimum 100-word paragraph.

  1. Question/Paragraph 1: (Evaluate) Identify one factor that you want to change from Healthy Heart Score summary (listed on the Overview page) that impacts your overall health. Explain why you chose this factor.
  2. Question/Paragraph 2: (Analyze) Based on the factor you chose in question A, identify your barriers to change and discuss how these barriers can affect your health. Refer to the Barriers to change from Chapter 2 of your textbook (pages 70-71).
  3. Question/Paragraph 3: (Apply) Based on the factor you chose in question A, review the “What steps can I take” section on your report. Explain how these recommendations can affect your overall health.
  4. Question/Paragraph 4: (Create) In addition to the one factor you chose in question A, discuss in detail at least two other lifestyle changes that could improve your overall health.

NOTE: In order to receive full points, you MUST demonstrate in your discussion that you have put some thought into your answers and that you are not just rewording a sentence or two!

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