two discussion post

Read the article ,anwser the questions with 150-250 words( 2 quote from aticle)


“The Well Played Game” By Bernard De Koven.

In the article that we read, the author Bernard, not only talks about how to play a well-played game, but also talks about the difference between the play community and the game community. He also claims that we should focus more on the play community than on the game community. Bernard was part of the New Games Movement, and has made a remarkable contribution to the gaming world nowadays. As he said “It is not winning that makes the game fun, it is playing that makes the game fun.” He believes that a well played game is “A game that becomes excellent because of the way it is been played.” The game is fun because of the way we are playing it, and we as players have to have the intention of playing well together, have the willingness to play, feel safe while playing, and trust each other in the community. Without any of these, we will not have a chance to play a well-played game. In addition, to play the game even better, we can also change the rules of the game as we play. We can change the rules to find the game that works the best, but not just for the sake of changing the rules. We also have to keep in mind that we do not have unlimited power of changing the game. Since if we have too much changes, we will no longer have a game to play.

Questions:1. Do you belong to any play community?2. Have you ever thought about changing rules of games? Why? And how did that turn out?3. What is your definition of a well-played game? And what is it now after learning Bernie’s concept of a well-played game?


Fresh Air, Dave Davies (host). [radio program] 

In this article, the author Craig Silverman presents his findings taken from his study on media inaccuracy. He gives explanation of the ways false stories were spread on social media platforms like Facebook during the presidential campaign. He places emphasis on the aggressiveness of social media campaigns which affected the outcomes of the presidential election. The role of Google in the spread of fake news is significant because the company is specialized in technology support, but does nothing to prevent the spread of media inaccuracy.  Although, many fake news websites are running AdSense, they violate the terms of service determined by Google. It is very difficult to control large amounts of information and mistakes are unavoidable.

1.  What do you think is the biggest reason why people believe in fake news?  Is there any fake news you remember the most?

2. What should be done to prevent the spread of false news online

3.What is the impact of media inaccuracy on the users, media organizations and politicians?

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