transgender in the u s military

Introduction: You will compile a series of critical analyses of a single event or issue in diversity through the four general education lenses: history, humanities, natural and applied sciences, and social sciences.

A. Topic: Using the four lenses, explain how an issue or event within diversity has or has not influenced modern society.

II. Lens Analysis: In this part of the assessment, you will analyze your chosen issue or event through each of the following lenses to determine its impact on various institutions, using evidence and research to support each analysis:

A History

B. Humanities

C. Natural and Applied Sciences

D. Social Sciences

III. Conclusion

A. Explain how integrating the four lenses helps people to understand how problems in diversity impact others in both professional and personal contexts.

B. Analyze how social practices have been shaped by issues and events in diversity in modern culture.

C. Using relevant research or diverse perspectives, assess the benefits and challenges of addressing issues in diversity.

D. Explain how analyzing diversity can help in your interactions with those with different viewpoints, cultures, and perspectives.

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