Three Refences 5 paragraphs needed RISK with Technology

The design manager and the engineering manager were discussing with you the software tool they normally use for their design and engineering work. It is critical to their process, but there are some defects in the software that result in errors in the designs. The team knows how to find them and correct them, but it takes additional time during the design and engineering timeline. The managers just received an e-mail from the software vendor stating that a new version of the tool will be available right as the design tasks are expected to begin. Historically, the vendor is known to deliver the software about four weeks later than announced. The upgrade corrects the defects that the team knows about as well as provides some new functionality that will make some of the engineering tasks faster. The vendor is strongly encouraging training for the design and engineering teams to use this new version.

As the project manager, you must decide whether or not the team will use this new version of the software. The vendor is offering a 50% discount on the training if people are signed up within the next 10 days. Go to the Discussion Board and answer the questions listed below.


  • Answer the following questions:
    • What risks does this use of technology introduce to the project?
    • What is the impact of each risk? What is the probability?
    • Based on your understanding of the risks, will you tell the managers whether or not they should sign their people up for training?

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