Thought Paper 1

Help me study for my Psychology class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

For this assignment, pick a topic below and compose a 400 word (minimum) essay. Please cite your textbook and any outside sources you reference. Please note, APA style is required and spelling and grammar will be assessed as part of your final grade.

This assignment must be submitted as a MS Word Document and uploaded on the courses. All writing assignments for this course will be checked for plagiarism and prior submissions for other courses. Violations of code of academic conduct will be reported to the chair of the psychology department (for real – please do your own work!)

Topics (pick one):

  • Discuses Critical Issues in Historical Studies p. 1 -14
  • Identify Philosophical Issues p. 15-38
  • Discuss Ancient Psychological Thought (you may want to contrast to current theory) p. 39-69
  • Identify Important Developments During the Roman Period and the Middle Ages, How did these developments influence our understanding of psychology? p. 69-77 (through the Fall of Rome)

Required Text

King, D. B., Woody, W. D., and Viney, W. (2013). History of psychology: Ideas and context (fifth edition). New York: Taylor and Francis Group. ISBN-13: 9780205963041

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