The role of information systems in healthcare

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  1. Given the ethical issues around managed care, discuss whether MCOs are good arrangements for patients?
  2. Provide a concrete example for either pro arrangement or against arrangement.


Read the article titled, The Role of Information Systems in Healthcare: Current Research and Future Trends” and write a summary that explains your understanding of the article and recommendations on how health information systems can better improve the health care system.

Fichman, R. (2011). The role of information systems in healthcare: Current research and future trends. Information Systems Research, 22 (3): 419–428. Retrieved from the Trident University Library.

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One of the primary arguments for a QA Program is that there is a concern for ensuring that health services are both cost-effective and responsive to public needs. However, other health care professionals believe that QA Programs are necessary to protect patients while under care in a health facility.

  1. Which of the two statements above do you believe is the most important for patients?
  2. What can we do to assure that both quality care and cost-effective programs are in place?
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