the economics of entrepreneurship

My Entrepreneur is (GARY VAYNERCHUCK)

The Economics of Entrepreneurship

For this discussion, select an entrepreneur (Gary Vaynerchuck) to evaluate. The entrepreneur (or business) can be anyone and of any size. The range of entrepreneurs can be a one-person (sole proprietor) home-based business to a multinational corporation who employs many. If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, you can evaluate your own business/idea.

POST 1: Analyze an Entrepreneur (150 words)

Provide an overview your selected entrepreneur that describes the nature of the business and the good(s) and/or service(s) they produce. In your overview consider the following: target consumer, competitors, industry forecast, marketing strategy, advertising, growth, demand, and profits/loss.

POST 2: Factors of Production and Technology (2 sentence minimum per term)

Identify and define the factors of production – land, labor (human capital), and capital – of the entrepreneur you’ve selected. Additionally, identify and define the technology usage. The 5 terms to be identified and defined are: 1. Land, 2. Labor, 3. Human Capital, 4. Capital, and 5. Technology. See Discussion Guidelines.

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