The benefits of the multicultural training program

The benefits of the multicultural training program of CommPact

With the increasing international mobility as well as globalization, the interactions between individuals with different cultural backgrounds have become more prevalent (Hofhuis & F.Schilderman, 2020). Indeed, effective cross-cultural communication is critical for business success nowadays. In light of the beneficials of cross-cultural communication, the following paragraphs would further explain and elaborate how our cross-cultural training program can benefit our company.


Benefit for the target Audience (Employees in Opal-Mart)

First of all, trust and barrier-free communication can be improved with taking our multicultural training program. By taking our training program, it helps the employees in Opal-Mart to understand different intercultural communication frameworks so as to appreciate and recognize how individuals act, think and communicate from different cultures in Opal-Mart (Beckett et al, 1997). Especially, opportunities would offer to the employees in Opal-Mart for identifying cultural differences during the training. Once the employees in Opal-Mart learn how to communicate and recognize others cultural differences, the intercultural barriers could be eliminated. As such, the mutual understanding and trust can be formed by fostering the sympathetic listening and understanding in our training program.


Benefits for the company as a whole

There is no doubt that cultural difference and stereotyping is inevitable, our multicultural training program helps develop the awareness of the Opal-Mart employees who do not have a cultural communication sense and skills to learn how to skillfully communicating channels with others, so as to build better work relationship in Opal-Mart for achieving better work performance. Specially, the cohesion and self-confidence of individuals and teams can be improved to address the challenged group work in the workplace. Meanwhile, intergroup biases and stereotype threat in Opal-Mart can be evitabled after retraining to be more adroit in awaring of the personal stereotype to others values, beliefs and power distance or communication context (Kalinoski et al, 2013). Whereby, our multicultural training program provides learners with the correct way to interact with the team while reducing the negative impact of intercultural conflicts, helping them better communicate with colleagues and gradually increase respect and trust, and ultimately become a more competitive team.


With respect to our cross-cultural training program offering a variety of cross-cultural activities for Opal-Mart’s employees to recognize and explore the cultural difference, their mindset as well as the vision in different cultural contexts can be broadened. Improving the sight in different cultures means enhancing their creativeness and innovation at work with cultural exchanges and appreciation (Chebium, 2015). Due to the improved communication skill and perspective in multicultural contexts after taking our training program, not only their techniques in solving the problems can be then enhanced but also their work performance in developing the uniqueness and outstanding business plans can be consolidated. Therefore, our experiential multicultural training program equips the Opal-Mart employees to be more knowledgeable and skillful in different cultural contexts so as to have better achievement for business success in future.

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