sustainability in operations management 1

1. Download a copy of the Sample Article Review (attached)

2. Using the exact Sample Article Review format, write a review on 3 articles relating to your final research topic. Use the Library database or to find the 3 peer reviewed journal articles relating to your final research topic.

Please note: The articles you select for this assignment must be peer reviewed journal articles. (* Peer Reviewed Journal Articles contain a study conducted by the authors, and are usually 6 to 15 or more pages in length, withheadings matching the headings in the sample article review). If you are unsure about the articles you’ve selected, please contact either the a library representative, or your instructor.

*Industry Magazines, eZines, .coms, Blog sites and wall street journal do not classify as peer reviewed journal articles for this assignment.

Please be sure to send the exact address from fro each article, as I have to submit that as well separately.

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