Subject: Missing Shipment Dear Mr. Brown:

Hello Team,

Please help me for writing a business letter.

Please see the below guidelines for the assignment:

Subject: Missing Shipment

Dear Mr. Brown:

I am writing to request shipping information on the missing shipment of 400 sweaters. As I indicated on the phone, my company has not yet received this shipment. Please provide me with a copy of the shipping invoice and tracking information so that I can research this shipment.

Our contract with your company specifies that all shipments be on time or XYZ will only be responsible for paying 75% of the invoice amount.

Please note that I cannot authorize payment until the shipment is received in our warehouse.


Ms. Blue

XYZ Products, Inc.

**Imagine that you are Mr. Brown and that you have a shipping confirmation from a week ago on the missing shipment signed by an employee of XYZ Products, Inc. named John Adams. please appropriate business letter back to Ms. Blue. Remember to rely on principles of good will and use “you” viewpoint. Also, remember to organize your letter in such a way that will support your focus and contents.

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