Statistics Forum

This week’s main Forum requires you to answer the question completely and correctly to receive full credit. 

Find two peer-reviewed articles that provide examples of quantitative studies relevant to your research topic.  These do not have to be exact to your topic or use data from the General Social Survey.  These articles will form your literature review for your final project, although an abbreviated version in comparison to what you would use in a “real-life” research project.  In these instances, it would be expected of you to exhaust as much of the existing literature as you could as you build context for your own research.  

Explain their findings based on the statistical data they present.  Answer the following questions:

  1. What test of significance did the researchers use?  This can usually be found in a discussions section or reviewed in the methods section of a research article.
  2. What were their findings?  These will be reviewed with detail in the discussion and findings sections.
  3. What was their research question and what were their findings with regards to their statistics?

NOTE- I am looking for NUMBERS here.  Talk to me about the statistical procedures NOT the topic of the study.

Do not present research studies that were already discussed by a classmate(s) for this week’s forum discussion. In your own words (i.e., no direct quotes!), briefly describe the context or purpose of the study (no more than 3 sentences) and then in more detail, discuss the findings. Your focus should be on the statistical processes being used.  Make sure to address the validity of each of the studies presented in your articles.

* Remember to export this to your project file which will be submitted at the conclusion of the class.

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