Statistics Chi square test of independence paper

APA format 400 to 500 words, with 2 sources. Attaching the grading rubric.


Create a research hypothesis in your area of study that would be answered using a chi square test of independence. Include the following:

  1. Introduction: Brief description of the study including the purpose and importance of the research question being asked.
  2. What is the null hypothesis? What is the research hypothesis?
  3. Participants/Sampling Method: Describe your sampling method. What is your sample size? Who is your population of interest? How representative is the sample of the population under study?
  4. Data Analysis: Describe the statistical analysis. (HINT: This should be a chi square test of independence). What is your IV? What is your DV? What level of measurement are your IV and DV? What is your alpha level?
  5. Results & Discussion: Did you reject the null hypothesis? What information did you use to lead you to your conclusion? Was your p value greater than or less than your alpha? NOTE: You can just make up numbers, but include your made-up p value.

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