standards used by researchers to evaluate qualitative research

Please review the required readings.

Then, discuss standards that researchers should use to evaluate qualitative research.

Give specific examples of the application of these standards to current qualitative research in a field of interest. (Use examples of published, qualitative peer-reviewed research to illustrate the application of the standards to evaluate qualitative research.)

Present a logical flow-of-thought to explain the rationale and justification for the conclusions.

The document should be 4–5 pages long and demonstrate or include the following:

  1. High-level understanding of the required background reading
  2. Graduate level written communication to include an appropriate introduction and conclusion, clear and coherent structure, proper grammar and word usage.
  3. Application of required background reading in responding to assignment requirements.
  4. Responses must be based on scholarly material, such as peer-reviewed articles, white papers, technical papers, etc. Do not include information from non-scholarly materials such as Wikis, encyclopedias, (or similar websites).

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