specific settings

Specific Settings

Educational  institutions and correctional facilities are two types of settings where you  might conduct personality assessments. Other settings include clinical, health  care, and organizational settings. Which individuals might you encounter in these  settings? How might the characteristics of the individuals and the settings  influence the personality assessment process, the type of data you might  gather, and the assessment decisions you might make? Additionally, what  validity and reliability issues might emerge from conducting personality  assessments in these settings? As a psychologist you must take the  characteristics of the individual and the setting as well as the  characteristics of your assessment instruments into account in order to make  accurate decisions. 

For this assignment, review this week’s Learning Resources. Select  one of the following settings: clinical, health care, forensic, educational, or  organizational. Then consider the types of information you might hope to gain  from an assessment in this setting. Finally, reflect on any validity and  reliability issues related to the assessment in the setting you selected. 

With these thoughts in mind:

Write a description of the  setting you selected. Next explain how and why personality assessments are used  in that setting. Then explain what type of information you expect to gain from  an assessment in the given setting. Finally, explain any validity and  reliability issues related to the assessment in the given setting.

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