sociology video analysis assignment 1

This Paper Must be taken seriously.

Must use proper Grammar and present a College level paper.

Video –

For this project, you must write a 2-3 page double-spaced analysis of a video. Format your paper using the three(3) Section Headings: 1.)Summary/Synopsis, 2.)Analysis/Evaluation, 3.)My Reaction.

  1. Identify a media source that is relative to topics of Race and Ethnicity only. I suggest using topics covered in the course (e.g., politics, housing, racial domination, criminal justice, education)

2. Provide a short summary of the media source (What is the video about? Clarity is important!)

  • Summary/Synopsis Section-Show that you understand the main ideas, messages, and themes that are presented by the director.

3. -What are you reacting to? Use a phrase to describe the purpose of the film, for example, “to expose the dangerous conditions factory workers in the United States faced prior in the early decades of the twentieth century” or “to show how residents can unite to improve their neighborhood

-Identify all “basic information” about the movie that you can (e.g.,director, title, topic/subject, main characters, location)


  • Analyze whether or not the director conveyed their message clearly.

-Was the movie convincing? Explain, why or why not

Did the director overlook or exclude anything important? Explain, what?

Did the director overemphasize or sensationalize anything? Explain, what?

Is the movie one-sided (even if you are in agreement), or does the director present a balanced view?

6. Provide an analysis of the media source (How can you apply the course material to the media source?), (functionalism, conflict, symbolic interactions)., (politics, housing, racial domination, criminal justice, education)

  • Analysis/Evaluation Section— How is the film relative to course material?

7. -Demonstrate your ability to apply the major areas of content (e.g., terms, concepts, theories) covered in the lessons, readings, and discussions in your analysis/evaluation of the movie. (e.g., politics, housing, racial domination, criminal justice, education) , (functionalism, conflict, symbolic interactions).

8. -You must also apply each of the major sociological perspectives (functionalism, conflict, symbolic interactions) using relative examples for the media source. Must include (functionalism, conflict, symbolic interactions).

9. My Reaction Section –How do you react to the movie on a personal level? How is the movie relative to your experience?

10. Share your own impressions and experiences. Some questions you might consider answering are:

Did the movie hold your interest? Why or why not?

Did the movie bother or annoy you? why or why not?

What would you ask, or tell, the director of the movie if you could?

What did you realize as a result of viewing the movie?

What questions does the movie raise for you — about the concept, about other things?

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