simple five paragraph essay social media

Topic is: Social Media

3 points:

1 – Which age of groups are using Social Media and what do they use it for?

2 – The positive side.

3 – The negative side.


Five Paragraph Essay Checklist

  1. Introduction

–Does your intro begin with a few introductory sentences (facts, rhetorical questions, observations) orienting the reader?

–Did you list your three supporting points?

–Do you have a thesis that states your main position or observation?

–Is your thesis in bold print?

2. Body

–Do you have three body paragraphs?

–Does each body paragraph correspond with your three supporting points?

–In other words, for each supporting point raised in your intro, one paragraph

should be devoted to it.

  • Topic sentences

–A topic sentence is the first sentence of your body paragraph.It is the most important sentence in your paragraph.

–Does your topic sentence (but not with identical language) mirror the supporting point raised in your introduction.

–Did you sandbag?Did you withhold the most important information till the end?Hopefully not.

  1. Conclusion

–Did you revisit your thesis and three supporting points?

–You should not raise any new points for the first time.

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