short assignment moving toward a topic for essay 1

As you’ve seen from reading over the first essay assignment, one of the key components of the assignment is choosing a topic or an issue to focus on. There are several topics listed on the assignment, but I will re-list them here for reference:

  • Scientific ethics
  • Feminism
  • Social isolation/stigma
  • Anger management
  • Loneliness/solitude
  • Revenge
  • Nature vs. Nurture
  • Language/communication
  • Appearance/Beauty
  • Friendship
  • Class privilege
  • Justice
  • Race
  • Monsters/Monstrousness
  • Storytelling/confession
  • Love/desire

Before you can complete this assignment, you must either choose from one of the topics listed above to focus on, or create another topic of your own choosing.

Here are the instructions for completing this assignment. It should be written in three paragraphs, with the following topics addressed:

  1. In paragraph 1, you should name the topic you have chosen to focus on and explain a little about your interest in it. Perhaps its a topic that is related to your major, or something that you’ve taken an interest in for another reason. Maybe it’s something you feel passionate about. Give an account of your selection of the topic and what you think about it.
  2. In paragraph 2, you should explain why you want to focus on this topic in your analysis of Frankenstein. Where in the novel do you see this topic being an issue, and why?
  3. In paragraph 3, you should conclude the assignment with a brief discussion of the argument that you anticipate making. For instance, if you want to use your analysis to critique the role of policing in American society, you can explain that here, or if you want to argue that Frankenstein has forced our society to think about crime in a more compassionate way, you can make that claim here. Whatever you want your argument to be, at least at this early stage, should be clarified and explained in the third paragraph.

Nuts and Bolts: 500 words, typed, MLA formatted, uploaded as a Word document.

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