Sexuality Education and Parents –

 BOOK: Olson, D. H., DeFrain, J, and Skogrand, L. (2014). Marriages and Families: Intimacy, Diversity, and Strengths (8th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Higher Education.  Assignment:

Chapter 6 discusses the lack of direct instruction from parents to their children in the areas of sexuality, sexual intercourse, and birth control. The textbook authors also look at the powerful influence that parental communication can have in forestalling or postponing a child’s sexual activity. After reading the text, critically evaluate the following questions: In what ways (positive or negative) do you see the media educating kids about sex? What role should parents take in reacting to these influences?    What role do you believe school settings or church communities should have in educating kids about sexuality, sexual intercourse, and birth control? What is the value in parents having a more open dialogue with kids about sex? What evidence can you include (scholarly sources) that would support your opinions? 

Instructions: Paper length should be approximately 700-750 words Use APA style, including a cover page and reference page. Introductory Paragraph, setting forth a clear statement of your assignment. Conclusion, a concise statement that reaffirms your assignment. Cite a minimum of 2 sources (APA). This can include the textbook, or other outside materials.

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