route location amp level of service between two cities 3

We have Rodeway and we want to make it butter or redesign and development as we can and we study everything about the road to make it, Highway with less cost or figure out the new solution for long-term, Also we looking for the make anew intersections or interchanges or bridges if that possible to keep people save from traffic or accident but as you see in the reports we don’t have much Deaths or injuries. Somewhat you are in a planning phase SO you won’t necessarily know future multilane characteristics yet.Geometrics can be roughly gathered from Google Earth.Future traffic should be purposely magnified (4x, 5x, 10x) to have an impact. Also, please recall that maps, figures, and tables should be nicely formatted, titled, and appropriately annotated.They should be clear and understandable by a normal reader.

And I will submit study guide and some links as Pdf file to get all data and information also some reference.

These intersections from (Huron SD to Plankinton at South Dakota State on US) around (60 Miles) are:

  • North on Dakota Ave S Toward 2nd St SE (Figure #), (0.5 Miles)
  • West on US-14 W (Figure #) (12 Miles),
  • West on US-281 S (Figure #) (45 Miles),
  • East onto 253rd St (Figure #) (2 Miles). and
  • West onto Main St (Figure #) (100 Feet).

And you going to follow the Task memo I will Upload for you which is:

  • Introduction and site Description;
  • Safety Considerations:
  • Environmental and Hydraulic Considerations:
  • Soil and Geotechnical Considerations:
  • Cultural and Public Considerations:
  • Cost Considerations:
  • Traffic, Capacity, and Level-of-service (LOS):
  • And Some References:

For Cost Considerations:

I am not looking for an exact cost estimation but more of a discussion regarding relative costs of alternatives…the two most obvious being current two-lane vs. future multilane but future multilane will also, clearly, have various options which could vary from following the current roadway and ROW to diverging from the same or from utilizing the current two-lane to removing the current two-lane and rebuilding the four-lane in totality. This could include cost impacts on acquiring ROW, cost impacts on municipalities, costs of grading, grubbing, tree removal, etc., and a host of other considerations such as structures (bridges) and so forth. Again, I encourage plausible creativity and the thought process, as manifested in your writing. Researching actual cost values, whether from the sources I provided or others, may help you weigh the various options.

And I will also I will Upload file to help you to get all this which is (Project Resource Links) as Pdf file.

And I will also I will Upload file as Study Guide which is (Study Guide Route Location Level-of-Service) also Pdf.

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