ross cultural contact reflective report 200points maximum 5 five single space pages of written material required exhibits

Reflecting on your “new cultural experience”,please submit aCross-CulturalExperience Report(5[five]single-space pages max of writing + exhibits) addressing the following topics and questions:

i want answer for these questions about the Japaneses culture and make it like you went to event

11.Please ratethe change in the level ofdrive, motivation, and confidence your team hasin the team’s ability to interact and understand members of culturally different groupsfollowing the “new cultural experience.”Please elaborate on your ratingusing examples

12.Following the “new cultural experience,” please ratethe change in the team’s ability to observe and reflect on any ne

wknowledge, facts, and patterns on how people from different cultures interact with you. Please elaborate on your rating using examples.

13.Describe three(3)main factors or experiences (e.g., characteristics of the hosts, place, activities, interactions, etc.) that contributed to the increase (or decrease, or no change) in your team’s overall cultural intelligence.

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