rhetoric essay 1

After you make your visits, you are required to write a 4-5 page essay (4 full pages at a minimum) in which you compare and contrast the two memorials you visited. In particular you will analyze what meaning they convey to visitors and how they convey this meaning. Specifically, you must make an argumentative claim that responds to the following:

• In your view, what factors (e.g. architecture, design, setting, context, visitor attitudes) make a memorial more or less impactful or meaningful for visitors? Support your claim by analyzing the two memorials you visited and your experience of visiting, using these to help you draw conclusions about what makes memorials more or less rhetorically impactful.

Requirements checklist

• Upload a single 6-7 page Word document to Blackboard that includes your memo/self-reflection and references page

• Directly cite Evans and York throughout your essay (at least twice per page on average). You may cite 1-2 additional sources for background information about your memorials, but you are not required to use outside sources.

• Cite all sources using APA style

• Craft an original thesis statement that makes an argumentative claim

• Support your thesis with thoughtful evidence and thorough analysis

• Include a writer’s memo* as the first page of your Word Document (draft)

• Include a self-reflection** as the first page of your Word Document (final). Remember to remove your writer’s memo from your final essay

------I’D LIKE TO WRITING Korean War Veterans Memorial AND Lincoln Memorial & Reflecting Pool

PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTION CAReFULLY! and must cite EVANS AND YORK article twice a page

you may not use outside source it should be 5 page (include the cite page)

here is the article from evans and york

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