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AP Project is related to HCP. HCP is a research paper that is used to state a current problem, and AP is a following research paper to solve the problem that stated in HCP. Here is my AP and HCP paper. I had wrote a transaction page “HCP TO AP”. But thys was before I wrote AP soI think it off topic. Here is the instruction for that “From hcp to ap” assignment. Can you help me revise the “HCP TO AP”. Imagine this assignment was before I have done AP.

You just turned in your HCP, now it’s time to think about turning from a problem-failure thesis to advocacy for a solution. But before you do that, take some time to reflect on your progress so far. Answer the following questions, keeping in mind how this metacognitive approach (writing about your own writing) will serve your final ePortfolio (especially the introduction).

1. First, describe your process: research, drafting, peer review, revision. What would you do differently or change if you could go back and start over? What would you do the same? What do you anticipate doing differently or similarly as you move toward the AP?

2. Which assignments were most useful to you as you completed the HCP? What was most helpful about them? Keep in mind that you may use these (assignments, lectures, peer review, in-class exercises, etc.) as artifacts in your ePortfolio. And hey, while you’re thinking about them, why not build or add them to an “Artifacts” folder in your ePortfolio right now?

3. Have you begun anticipating solutions to the problem you identified in your HCP? What kind of research will you need to do next? Or, in other words, what do you still need to know about your problem in order to propose a feasible solution?

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