revise assignment 6 again based on feedback i need this done right


MGT-20127 Project Rubric feedback: Please apply the feedback provided and continue your good work on this project! Remember, the Not Yet is part of the process. I’m here to support your success and help you achieve mastery. Please view this video to hear another student’s perspective on achieving success through this process:

Introduction: Describes the workplace environment, including technology and growth considerations that potentially impact the company’s future initiatives: FT 8/24/19 Please explain in the introduction of the email the workplace environment and what the growth considerations are that may potentially impact the companyś future initiatives for the Sunnyvale Insurance Company. For help, refer to the Project Instructions Scenario.

Introduction: Outlines specific management traits that are valued in shifting business environments, and provides examples to support ideas: FT 8/24/19 You have to present management traits that are valued in shifting business environments and provides examples to support ideas. For help, refer to Learning Resources Unit Resources: Shifting Business Landscape.

Identifying Management Challenges: Describe the influence of the currently demonstrated management styles on company culture and workplace environment, providing examples to support ideas: FT 8/24/19 You have to clearly explain what the current challenges are based on the current management style. What is the actual management style being used at Sunnyvale Insurance Company by Scott? Provide examples of what the employees and company experienced with the management style. For help, refer to the Project Instructions Scenario.

Recommendations for Improvement: Recommends a preferred management approach, including strengths and weaknesses of the approach recommended and explaining why it would be a good approach: FT 8/24/19 You have not met the rubric. What is your preferred management approach? Please explain why your preferred management approach is a good approach.

Recommendations: Discusses styles and leadership methods that the managers can employ to better support a diverse and increasingly virtual workforce, and provides examples to support ideas and consider strengths and weaknesses of various management styles: FT 8/24/19 You have presented some leadership styles to include strengths and weaknesses.

Recommendations for Improvement: Recommends resources and strategies for supporting a diverse and virtual environment,including technological resources that address employee needs: FT 8/24/19 What are the resources that you recommend for the manager to engage the virtual workforce using technology? You did not clearly explain the resources and strategies to support a diverse and virtual team.

Company Impacts: Discusses how preferred management approaches will support a positive company culture and workplace environment: FT 8/24/19 In closing, you need to explain the management approaches that support positive company culture. What are the approaches that support a positive work environment? Please explain.

Company Impacts: Mastery of Articulation of Response: Clearly conveys meaning with correct grammar, sentence structure, and spelling, demonstrating an understanding of audience and purpose: FT 8/24/19 Your writing is clear with no major errors.

Company Impacts: Mastery of Citations/Attributions: Attributes sources where applicable using citation methods with no major errors: FT 8/24/19 You have an in-text citation and reference entry errors. The reference entries and in-text citations have to match. The correct reference entry format is author´s last name, author´s first name initial, date which is the year, title and URL. In this order. The correct in-text citation format is (last name of the author and the date which is the year). If you have a reference entry and not a matching in-text citation, then you will have to delete the reference entry. For help, refer to, Academic Support/Coaching, Tutoring, and Peer Support and CfA Citation Guide.

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