Religion Question 1

Write your response to the question citing sources correctly to support your claims.

2 pages single space

Christianity and pandemic (medieval). Christian theology offers that a person can always care, even if they cannot cure. That is sometimes hard to remember in times of extreme, social distress over health, most especially when the disease is mysterious and people think it is contagious (even if they are wrong). Identify and explain the links between the rise in disease with the attention to religions and religious identity. Identify how fear of suffering and impending death provides impetus for people to find systems or communities of support. Additionally, explain how the history of plague and the history of the historyof plague can provide us with lessons for how we approach, interact and treat people who face disease, fear of disease and dying. Finally, evaluateChristian responses that we have read to people who are diseased (for good and for ill). Cite secondary and primary sources.

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