Reflective essay regarding the personal recovery for people living with a psychotic disorder

Intent:In this assessment, you will learn about the differences between clinical and personal recovery and therapeutic communication that fosters personal recovery for people who experience psychotic disordersTask:Part one: explain the differences between clinical and personal mental health recovery and discuss how personal recovery can enhance the wellbeing of people who experience psychotic disorders.Part two: reflect on how you, as a future registered nurse, can use therapeutic communication skills (e.g. active listening, probing, empathic responding) to assist a consumer living with the effects of a psychotic disorder identify their strengthens and embark on a personal recovery journey. Include no more than two examples of communication skills in your answer.Support your explanation and reflections with peer-reviewed articles, including nursing literature.Format:Reflective essay APA 7 or UTS Harvard references in-text and reference listParagraphs and full sentencesIntroduction (outline the significance of personal recovery for people who experience psychotic disorders and the main points of your essay.Body (written in full sentences and paragraphs; write your responses for part one and part two) Conclusion (summarising the key points of your essay)1.5 spacingSize 12 fontWord Length: 1800 words

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