reflection paper 1.5 long follow instruction only!

I’m studying and need help with a Psychology question to help me learn.

see attachment to see the requirements

please do not start writing the paragraph from ” I am at the practicum blah blah blah” or “cousnling is about this and that blag blah”, we do not need this intro, just jump straight to what we want to right in this reflection paper

so, please follow the. direction recently two people did not wrote what I wrote and what I wanted to be in it.

do not use names use “client or Jane”.

this time u can write about me observing family session with teenagers and how that differs from adult cuz with teenagers 12-18 school is involved. you can add some more about dynamic between patient and parents and social worker and about transition form the PHP ( partical program therapy) to school.

please add some reading to it and maybe cite or paraphrase someone into that paper !! and open the attachment !

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