Psychology Research Paper on child abuse and neglect

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Here is the guidelines which professor gave me for the assignment:

 Create a profile of one individual or a non-governmental organization ( NGO)  that influenced   Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect(Minimum 8 pages, double-spaced, font size 12).  Choices for your profile could range from an array of American or International historical characters to an influential legislator or opinion leader that changed/influenced   Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect. You might also want to consider a contemporary personality from various fields including an artist, performer, film, and electronic/print media; newspaper, magazine/journal, radio, game console, desktop computer, & TV personality or host provided you have a persuasive argument to consider that she/he might potentially influence or already changed   Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect. Moreover, it could be about any personality that made or could induce an impact on the field of your major at Cambridge College. Create a clear profile of your choice emphasizing his/her accomplishments and how they influenced. Remember, this assignment is not intended to be a mere biography of the individual of your choice; therefore, explore your subject beyond mere historical facts of one’s life. Try to highlight aspects of this person’s life that fascinated you or that prompted you to profile her/him. It is suggested that the closer you integrate the aspects of this assignment to your own future career, personal life, or interests the more fascinating and beneficial it might be for you to profile. Include at least 10 in-text citations from different sources and Works Cited – APA Style. It should be a Microsoft Office Word document it’s due on 12/21/15

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