psych assign 2



Discuss at least two (2) steps you could take to protect yourself from giving a false confession to the crime.


Chapter 10 describes four goals that motivate people to be prejudiced. Provide at least one (1) original example of a prejudice behavior that is motivated by at least two (2) of the goals described in the chapter.


Imagine the following scenario. Your good friends have been married for several years and are currently having trouble in their relationship.

1.       Describe at least three (3) pieces of advice that you would give to the couple.

2.       Provide at least one (1) supporting theory for each piece of advice.


Imagine that you have approval from the university’s human subject board to use deception in an experiment to study bystander intervention.


Briefly describe the experimental procedure you would use to test whether a participant is more likely to help when he or she is alone compared to being in a group.

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