provide a resolution/approach, give a rationale to your approach and expected outcome/conclusion.

Your assignment is to write a research paper regarding what many consider to be the number one challenge most airports face today; how to move large groups of passengers though airport terminals quickly and efficiently.  We will get into more of this when we talk about capacity planning in week 6, but for now you should focus on what key facilities are required, and on the ground access system.  Let’s hear some great example as well as some failed concepts such as mobile lounges, and talk about why they are great or why the evolution of airport operations caused them to die.

Please ensure you venture beyond the textbook for this assignment. Based on material covered in the class, the student should identify the problem/situation, provide a resolution/approach, give a rationale to your approach and expected outcome/conclusion. This paper will be presented in APA format and the writing requirement described in the Policies section of this syllabus. The paper is graded on contents, grammar, and format. Minimum word should be 1000 words with a minimum of 3-5 outside references.

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