project management 269

This week you will write a research paper on project roles, offices, certifications, degrees and more.

To complete this assignment, please use the Week 1 Assignment Template (Links to an external site.). This is formatted in APA style and provides questions you should answer. The paper involves research; you should provide at least four research sources from the DeVry library. You should also research the PMI (Links to an external site.) site and the websites of project management practitioners and consulting firms through a web search.

Your paper, and all papers through out this course should use in-text citations and APA formatted reference pages. You can use an easy, pain-removing tool called Noodletools which is free with your DeVry tuition. Go to and register with the username: devry and the password: citewell. Noodletools can automatically format your references, sort them in alphabetical order, and export them to a word document You can paste your formatted references into the References page in the Week 1 Assignment Template.

Your Week 1 Research Assignment submission should be at 5 pages long (nowhere near a true five pages. see attached template), double spaced in a 12-point font with the first sentence of each paragraph indented five spaces. All other sentences in the paragraph are left justified. There should be no more than 1 blank line between any sentence, section title, figure, or table in your paper. If you use a table or figure, introduce it to the reader with a line or two of explanation before they see the actual table or figure. After you select the Table of Contents, and press Update Entire Table, the template auto formats your table of contents and number provided your section headings are formatted as Heading 1 in the styles menu group in MS Word.

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