pro favoring paying college athletes change plan

Favoring Paying College Athletes.


Favoring Paying college athletes – Change Plan (PRO vs. CON)

You will be writing on Stage 2 – (PRO) Forming a powerful guiding coalition.

To help explain, I have attached:

The Change Plan Grading Rubric,

Preparation Guide

Audio file explaining

Stage 2 – Form a powerful guiding coalition

Put together a group with enough power to lead the change. What are their roles and responsibilities in association with your plan and or getting the group to work together like a team. In other words, the first step in putting together the kind of team that can direct a change effort is to find the right membership.

What needs to be done:

  • Position power: Main line managers.
  • Expertise: Individuals with skill sets that are relevant to the task at hand.
  • Credibility: Does the group have individuals that can be taken seriously (legitimacy).
  • Leadership: Proven leaders to be able to drive the change process.

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