Practice Assignment – Introduction to Manufacturing Response

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Guidelines: After watching several videos, you will write a brief response paper about your observations and connections to the chapter

Your response should be formatted, including descriptive headings for each response/video, professionally written using word-processing software, single spaced, and 1-2 pages in length.

Instructions: This assignment is intended to give you a brief insight to the world of manufacturing. For this assignment, I would like you to watch several short videos and then write a guided response. There are four groups of videos as listed in the table below. Please see the “Videos for Introduction to Manufacturing Response Practice Assignment” folder in Bb Learn, found with these instructions, to access each of the videos. You are to select at least one video from each group to view, but I invite you to watch them all at your leisure.

Written response:

One video from each group must be included in your response. There is no penalty for including more videos as long as you have included one from each group.

For two videos, connect the chapter 7 material to the videos. Describe the topic/concept the video connects to and fully explain how the video connects. Explain the ways that the video is an example of the topic/concept.

For two videos, describe the personal observations or take-away’s you had when viewing these videos. You must explain the significance of your take-away’s/observations. For example, explain why the observation or take-away is relevant to you.

Your response should be formatted and easy to follow. A suggested format is to list either “Chapter Connection” or “Personal Observation/Take-away” as your descriptive header for each response/video. Then list the video name and group number.

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