Please read the first chapter (pgs 26 – 41). You are more than welcome to read the author’s preface as well, it’s a good description on how the book, and contents within, have developed.

Contemporary Issues in Designing and Managing Sustainable Cities

Assignment 1 – “The New Normals”

Drawing from the assigned reading1 and lectures, please answer the following questions in complete sentences.

1) With respect to the “new energy normal”, name two issues raised on regards to the future of fossil fuels.

2) How does climate change affect the economy?

3) With regards to the “new economic normal” what is the connection between energy and economy? Why can’t we expect the same economic growth in the future as in the past? 

Include as a title your name, date, course #.

The assigment will be submitted to Blackboard in the following format.

“lastname_first initial_A1.doc” 

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