phi210 strayer week 7 what comes first solving the problem or defining the problem 1

PHI210 Strayer Week 7 What comes first? Solving the problem or defining the problem?

ang763163 (hidden)

Which came first? Solving the problem or defining the problem? [WK7]

In our first week, we talked about the importance of asking good questions and how this was a critical step to really understanding a problem you are trying to solve. This week, we are going to explore how to approach solving a problem. So, to get us started, let’s practice on defining and analyzing problems. Here’s what the Monday topic needs from you:

  • Identify and define a problem you need to solve or would like to solve.
  • Analyze a problem identified and defined by one of your classmates.

I’ll be providing general guidance, but the key for this topic is for each of you to engage with each other. Make sure to think about the 6 steps of the problem solving process discussed in section 7 of the webtext.

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