Peterson _ Shelach 2012_Jiangzhai.pdf Thorp 1981_Sui Xian Tomb.pdf Thorp 2005_China in the Early Bronze Age.pdf ​​Tseng 2014_Monumentality.pdf ​please answers these questions with the readings I provided, there is no need to cite the sources, just four short questions do not need to do it like an essay. 200 -250 words for each question. 1000 words in total According to Robert Thorp, what do we know about theYin Ruins through decades of archaeological works? What’s the significance of the tomb of Lady Hao in the Yin Ruins? How do Christine Peterson and Gideon Shelach analyze the pre historical settlement at jiangzhai? How many aspects of the settlement do they examine? What kinds of evidence do they employ to support their arguments? How does Lillian Tseng discuss the installation of a newly cast Chinese bronze vessel at the headquarters of the United Nations? How do various contexts influence our understanding of an art object? How does Robert Thorp introduce the tomb of Marquis Yi? What are his concerns? How does he answer his concerns?

the readings I provided there is no need to cite the sources just four short questions do not need to do it like an essay

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