p 1changing demographics and business opportunities

Project Description:

America: Changing Demographics and Business Opportunities

The demographics of America is changing. By the middle of this century, the population of the United States will

look considerably different than it does now. Savvy brands will forecast demographic trends and plan their

marketing strategies accordingly.

For Project 1, imagine that you are the current CEO for Coca-Cola. Using secondary research, prepare a synopsis

on how the changing landscape of America’s population will affect Coca-Cola. Your synopsis should address the



How will the aging of the population affect sales?


Are there products that Coca-Cola should introduce to profit from these changes?


How might the changes in various ethnic populations dictate marketing strategies?

If you need help generating ideas, here is a great article on the future population trends that will occur over the

next 30 years


Your synopsis should be a minimum of 300 words

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