organizational structure 19

Wow! Your project has been successfully planned, and you are ready to move into the performing stage! Before you do, take a closer look at how this project is fitting into the broader organizational structure, and how you see this project being structured within the organization.

This week, there are two deliverables:

– Discuss the organizational structure and how this may have helped the project

– Discuss how you did on this project and any lessons learned for you. Self reflection – What did you learn?

Please provide these two deliverables (MS Word documents).

To help guide you through these deliverables, please follow the two step process on the following pages.

Step 1: Write a one to two page essay addressing the type of organizational structure you see this project operating under, and why. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this operating structure, compared to the other structures?

Step 2: Now that you have worked through this Course Project, what did you learn? Write a two page essay and describe what you learned as you went through this project. What will you take away from this course, and what will you apply to your projects or personal life?

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